PMR Interview: VJ Waqar Zaka – Living On The Edge / Xposed !


VJ Waqar Zaka – Interview by Sohaib Shah

PMR. So Waqar, where did you take birth?

PMR. Style and Fashion to you is?
Style “what looks good on me will certainly not going to look good on you” , Fashion: bullshit

PMR. What pushed you to get into being a VJ? What was facing the camera first time like?
I always wanted to start reality show concept in Pakistan, wanted to direct it but since no VJ at that time was willing to host such shows , so i had to do it myself and i never felt anything will facing the cam for the 1st time.

PMR. Criticism was a lot you went through when Living On The Edge started, what made you start this show and how did you overcome the criticism?
Criticism is my oxygen , if ppl r giving so much attention to my work that means i have done something to shock Pakistani viewers which is not easy. I wanted to started a show where common person can become Hero & I gave the youth a chance to perform on TV what they love to perform in daily life i.e. living on the edge:)

PMR. Living On The Edge or Exposed? Which one’s more closer? We need one answer. =P
XPOSED because I perform the real dares there.

PMR. Waqar Zaka, A Host, Concept writer, Editor, Producer and Director. How do you dill with this full platter? Is something left you’re looking forward to?
I guess I never wanted to be Host but editing is what I love to do and since I started this concept of reality shows so I had to direct myself because reality shows have different rules then your normal scripted dramas.

PMR. Being one of the senior VJs in Pakistan, how do you guide new VJs?
Always come up with your own new ideas which you think not only a kid will watch it but even your parents & grand parents. people love interesting content not model looking VJs

PMR. Making music Videos. Is that on the hit list?
Surely,looking for the right song:)

PMR. Award one best Pakistani Male VJ and one best Pakistani Female VJ.
Fakr-e-Alam surely the best & Natasha.

PMR.  Future Projects:
After Living on the edge , Xposed, King of street magic, creating SAJJID BILLA a.k.a SAJJID DVD , I am coming out with World’s 1st Street Cricket reality show never been done before but looking for the right host for it because dont wanna host so many shows myself.

PMR. What changes would you like to see in the Pakistani Media, and how would you rate it in being ifficient and informative?
Firstly MEDIA = entertainment , nothing else, we all should try to make entertaining shows copied or original who cares, public needs entertainment thats it.

PMR.  PMR ( What impression does it create on you?
One of the best web, when it comes to promoting Pakistani Media scene specially music.

Sohaib Shah

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