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Arjun – Why This Kolaveri Di – English R&B Remix (Music Video)

The Kolaveri craze has reached the UK and seeing as I’m part Tamil myself, I thought I should do a remix :) Arjun


Performed by Arjun
Original song by Dhanush & Anirudh
New arrangement/production by Arjun
Video shot by Hasinth Pathirana


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2 comments on “Arjun – Why This Kolaveri Di – English R&B Remix (Music Video)

  1. Bigboy

    Empty life uh
    Girl you know you
    Got me feeling stupid
    Right now…
    You’ve got me drinking
    Shots of whisky
    Trying to forget this bullshhh

    Love is so blind
    Although I tried
    This has gone on too long
    You told me lies
    So many lies
    I want to start over

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